Lexan Thermoclick Multiwall Sheeting


Ampelite has recently introduced the Lexan Thermoclick Profile-free Glazing System to the New Zealand market.
Building frontages have an important influence on the character of a building. Lexan© sheet systems provide exciting design opportunities that are a world apart from the drab uniformity of traditional flat panels. With their inherent design freedom, Lexan sheet systems allow designs that are visually striking and yet extremely practical.
For example, the innovative Lexan Thermoclick© interlocking sheet system delivers attractive, profile-free frontages, which are not only easy to install but also enhance thermal and acoustic performance. Furthermore, the low maintenance polycarbonate will resist rusting, rotting or warping.

Thermoclick has achieved an Internal Surface Finish Group number of 1-S according to performance determined under the conditions described in ISO 9705:1993 required by NZBC clause C3.4(A). Performance is achieved through MBIE Guidance on European Classification.


Lexan Thermoclick features a 10 year warranty. For full warranty details, please download a copy of the Lexan Thermoclick brochure or contact your nearest Ampelite office.

Expected Lifetime / Sustainability

The expected lifetime of Lexan Polycarbonate sheet in outdoor applications is generally at least 25 years in intended end-use applications and when proper maintenance is provided. For more information on the sustainability of Lexan Polycarbonate sheeting please click here.

Sheeting Thickness and Length

Thermoclick panels are 40mm thick and can be supplied in sheet lengths up to a maximum of 11.8m.

Colours Avialable

Standard colours ex stock New Zealand are Clear and Opal. Other colour choices are available subject to minimum quantities and delivery lead times. Contact your local Ampelite branchfor further information.
Light, Solar & Sound Transmission
Clear 59 56 21
Opal 50 48 21
Spanning Capacity
600 0.6 2500 2000
900 0.9 2250 1750
1200 1.2 2000 1500
1500 1.5 1750 1250
1800 1.8 1500 1000

For information regarding recommended spans in high wind zones and cyclonic regions
please contact your local Ampelite office.

Expansion Data
MATERIALS EXPANSION COMPARISON. 0°-40° Temperature Variation. Based on 6 Meter Sheet Length
Thermal Expansion 7.2mm 16.2mm 2.9mm 5.8mm
Thermal Co-efficient 3.0 x 10-5 cm/cm°C 6.75 x 10-5 cm/cm°C 1.2 x 10-5 cm/cm°C 2.4 x 10-5 cm/cm°C
Fire Performance

Thermoclick polycarbonate exhibits good fire performance properties.
Test results are tabulated below. (Test Method AS/NZS 1530.3 – 1999).

Ignitability 0 0-20
Spread of flame 0 0-10
Heat evolved 0 0-10
Smoke developed 3 0-10
Thermoclick Physical, Optical and Thermal Properties
Thickness 40mm
Length (max) 11.8m
Weight 4kg/m2
Temperature Resistance -40 up to 1000C
K-Value 1.5 W/m2K
R- Value 0.666m2 0C/w
Warranty - Sabic Innovative Plastics 10 years limited warranty covers discoloration, loss of light transmission, and loss of impact strength due to weathering
Aluminium Glazing Profiles
Wall thickness 1.8mm
Standard Length 7.0m
Standard Finish Anodised natural aluminium colour

Note: Special non-standard colours can be supplied in powder coated finish (refer to Ampelite (NZ) Limited).


The translucent roofing shall be Lexan Thermoclick polycarbonate interlocking Glazing System as supplied by Ampelite (NZ) Limited. The sheet thickness shall be 40mm and the colour shall be (nominate Opal or Clear). The Thermoclick sheets shall be installed using the purpose-made extruded aluminium glazing system profiles, (select finish: natural or anodized (nominate colour), as supplied by Ampelite (NZ) Limited.

Correct installation is important

Thermoclick translucent polycarbonate sheets shall be installed in accordance with Ampelite (NZ) Limited fixing instructions and with AS/NZS 1562.3:1996, Design and Installation of Sheet Roof and Wall Cladding, Part 3: Plastic. Also, Thermoclick Glazing sheets shall be installed in accordance with the NZ Building Code and the NZ Metal Roofing and Cladding Manufacturers Association Code of Practice.

Pre-installation guidelines

Cutting: Thermoclick sheets can be cut easily and accurately with most standard workshop equipment. This includes common circular, hand and hacksaws with fine-toothed blades. The panel should be clamped to work tables, trestles, etc to avoid vibration.
Note: Pay close attention to blowing sawdust out of the Thermoclick channels before applying end sealing tapes.

Thermal Expansion Allowance: Allow a thermal expansion clearance of 3mm per lineal metre between panel top edge and top glazing profile, and between the first and last panel side and aluminium side glazing profiles. This thermal expansion clearance is already taken into account when using the purpose made glazing profiles.

Sealing Thermoclick Channel Ends: Apply custom manufactured end sealing tapes, as supplied by Ampelite (NZ) Limited. Use impermeable self adhesive foil tape to seal the top open ended channels to prevent moisture, dust and dirt contamination. Apply special self adhesive anti-condensation venting tape to the bottom open ended channels to prevent dust and dirt contamination and allow condensation drainage.
Note: In extremely dusty environments it is recommended that both top and bottom channel ends are fully sealed with impermeable tape.

Drainage Provision: Drill 5mm diameter drainage holes at approx 600mm centres on the external face of the bottom aluminium glazing profile just below the sash profile platform to allow condensation to drain to the exterior of the building.

Fix-Key Installation: (where required) Attach special purpose stainless steel fix-keys, as supplied by Ampelite (NZ) Limited, at each intermediate girt or support taking care to ensure that vertical and horizontal alignment of Thermoclick panels is accurate. (Specify appropriate screw fixings for steel or timber).

Masking Film: Remove polyethylene masking film as soon after installation of Thermoclick panels as practicable.

Storage:Store Thermoclick sheets in a dry and fire-safe area. Do not store heavy materials on top of sheets as they may fracture.

Recycling and disposal: Polycarbonate sheeting is fully recyclable and can also be disposed of in a land fill.

Health and Safety Data< /h5>

Non-trafficable: Thermoclick sheeting is a non-trafficable material. Sheets should be handled with care to avoid damage to the surface. Guarantees will not apply to sheeting that has been damaged in handling, or mechanical damage as a result of foot traffic.
There are no ill effects from handling Polycarbonate sheeting as a finished product.
Some exposure to airborne particles occurs on drilling, cutting and trimming of the material. Although there are no known cases of harmful effect, even after long term exposure, it is recommended to take appropriate precautionary steps.

Effects of Exposure to Dust Particles.< /h5>

  • Eye (contact) Can cause irritation. Appropriate eye protection should be worn. If irritation occurs due to exposure to dust particles, wash eyes with running water using an eye bath or wash bottle. If irritation persists seek medical attention.
  • Skin (contact) Can cause irritation. Shower thoroughly using soap and a cloth or sponge.
  • Inhalation (breathing) Dust masks are recommended although particles are not respirable.
  • Ingestion (swallowing).
  • Non-toxic. Extensive studies have revealed no serious effects.

Lexan Thermoclick innovative multiwall cladding and roofing systems

10 Year Warranty

Lexan Thermoclick innovative multiwall cladding and roofing systems

Lexan Thermoclick innovative multiwall cladding and roofing systems

Lexan Thermoclick innovative multiwall cladding and roofing systems

Thermoclick Info (PDFs)