Lexan Thermoclear Multiwall Sheet

Look at the Benefits

Lexan Thermoclear twinwall polycarbonate sheeting is lightweight and easy-to-install, making it an attractive alternative to profiled roof sheeting. Thermoclear has achieved an Internal Surface Finish Group number of 1-S according to performance determined under the conditions described in ISO 9705:1993 required by NZBC clause C3.4(A). Performance is achieved through MBIE Guidance on European Classification.

Lexan Thermoclear twinwall polycarbonate sheeting is available in a range of colours for use in a wide variety of domestic applications, such as the following:

  • Covered walkways
  • Pergolas
  • Glazing
  • Swimming Pool Enclosures
  • Screening/Fencing
  • Greenhouses
UV Protection on Both Sides

Both sides of a Lexan Thermoclear twinwall sheet have co-extruded UV protection to provide high resistance to yellowing and the damaging effects of UV radiation. This feature eliminates the problem of the polycarbonate sheets being installed with an unprotected surface exposed to the weather, resulting in UV damage. Angle cuts can be reversed, so there is also an economic gain when cutting requirements are high.

Peace of Mind Lifetime Warranty

Lexan Thermoclear twinwall sheeting is warranted by Ampelite to give long service under normal usage. Protection against excessive yellowing of the sheet (as detailed in Warranty) is for a period of ten years from date of purchase. Damage from heavy hail, up to 25mm in diameter, is also covered for ten years.
Please download a copy of our Lexan Thermoclear brochure for the warranty details

Sheeting Information

Clear, Opal, Bronze, Grey

700mm, 1050mm


Available lengths: 2m, 2.5m, 3.0m, 3.5m, 4.0m, 4.5m, 5.0m, 6.0m, 7.0m





80 %

85 %


48 %

71 %


35 %

55 %


20 %

50 %



0.7m SHEET

1.05m SHEET





Not required


Not required


Thermo Clear Polycarbonate Sheets by Ampelite - Making Light Work

Thermo Clear Polycarbonate Sheets by Ampelite - Making Light Work

Thermo Clear Polycarbonate Sheets by Ampelite - Making Light Work

Thermo Clear Polycarbonate Sheets by Ampelite - Making Light Work

Thermo Clear Polycarbonate Sheets by Ampelite - Making Light Work

Glazing Systems

H-Bar_System-450.jpg   Flexibar_System-450.jpg

Accessories_1.jpg Accessories_2.jpg Accessories_3.jpg
Aluminium H-Bar End Cap H-Bar & End Cap Rubber
Accessories_4.jpg Accessories_5.jpg Accessories_6.jpg
Sealer Tape Breather Tape Anti-Noise Tape

Correct Installation is Important

Both sides of the Lexan Thermoclear sheet are UV protected and can, therefore, be installed with either side facing up. Sheet ribs (flutes) must run vertically with the fall of the roof. Sheeting can be cut to length using a power saw fitted with a fine tooth blade suitable for plastic. A craft knife can be used for cutting to width.

The End Cap Gasket is easily identifiable as it is a heavier gauge than the H-Bar Gasket.

Only use sealants that are 100% compatible with polycarbonate sheeting; suitable sealants are available from Ampelite. The use of incorrect sealants or gaskets will void warranties. For installation in curved applications, please contact Ampelite

Please download a copy and carefully follow our Thermoclear Installation Guide

Handy Tips

You could try some practice holes using an off-cut or part of a sheet which will be covered by ridging or flashings, etc. You may find it easier to drill the hole for the screw first and then to enlarge this to 10mm for the washer.


Use only a soft brush and soapy water – no abrasives. To prevent possible staining, we recommend cleaning whenever bird soil is apparent.

Thermoclear Info (PDFs)