Special Purpose Products


Wonderclad GC is proving its worth in buildings where steel and other roofing or wall cladding materials deteriorate or corrode at an unacceptable rate. This is of particular importance in chemically aggressive and corrosive environments.

Webglas GC is fully trafficable

Webglas GC is a 3660 grams per square metre, 2mm thick fibreglass sheet, reinforced with a heavy gauge woven glass mat which provides continuous strength and protection in every direction making Webglas GC fully trafficable.

"SR76" smoke reduced fire retardant sheeting is very similar in appearance to regular fibreglass roof sheeting, but has lower smoke developed indices than that of standard fibreglass sheeting. "SR76" incorporates all the benefits of premium grade "Wonderglas GC".

Lexan Thermoclick innovative multiwall cladding and roofing systems

Lexan© Thermoclick© Is a range of innovative multiwall cladding and roofing systems. The Thermoclick© system is a 40mm thick UV protected multiwall sheet with an integral profiled tongue and grove connection, eliminating the need for vertical jointing systems.

Lexan Multiwall - Innovative multiwall cladding systems

Lexan Thermoclear Multiwall Sheeting 
In addition to the inherent properties of the Lexan© Thermoclear Plus range, Lexan© Thermoclear SunXP offers UV protection as standard on both sides, but with even higher resistance to UV radiations a very low heat deformation temperature and melting point to that of industrial fibreglass sheeting.

PolyRib Roofing

PolyRib multiwall polycarbonate standing-seam sheeting
combines visual appearance, two sided UV protection, high thermal performance and great spanning in a total cladding system. With remarkable versatility the Ampelite PolyRib standing-seam system can be used with the tray hook externally or internally to provide the aesthetic look being sough for the application.