Safety and Storage


The sheeting should always be stored in a dry and fire safe area. Do not store heavy materials on top of sheets as they may fracture.

Recycling and disposal 

Fibreglass sheeting is not recyclable and should be disposed of in a land fill. Do not incinerate fibreglass off-cuts as burning produces acrid smoke and noxious, toxic fumes.


Ampelite translucent sheeting is a non-trafficable material. Sheets should be handled with care to avoid damage to the surface coating (polyester film). Guarantees will not apply to sheeting that has been damaged in handling, or mechanical damage as a result of foot traffic.

Safety Data

There are no ill effects from handling 'Ampelite' Fibreglass sheets as a finished product. Some exposure to air-borne particles occurs on drilling, cutting and trimming of the material. Although there are no known cases of harmful effect, even after long term exposure, it is recommended to take certain precautionary steps.

Effects of Exposure to Dust Particles 

Eye Contact 

Can cause irritation. Appropriate eye protection should be worn. If irritation occurs due to exposure to dust particles, wash eyes with running water using an eye bath or wash bottle. If irritation persists seek medical attention.

Skin (contact)

Can cause irritation. Shower thoroughly using soap and a cloth or sponge.

Inhalation (breathing)

Dust masks are recommended although particles are not respirable.

Ingestion (swallowing)

Non-toxic. Extensive studies have revealed no serious effects.

Safety and Storage Data Sheets