Ampelite’s Proprietary SL Group 3 Resin System Becomes Standard Offer

Effective 15 October 2020 all Ampelite GRP products manufactured in New Zealand after the 15 October 2020 will use Ampelite’s proprietary Group 3 fire retardant resin system that is currently used to manufacture our SL sheeting products.

This means that you will no longer need to specify fire rated or non-fire rated - simplifying the process for specification, product ordering and supply of our product. This will provide an added benefit for any existing buildings having skylight replacements as they will be fire rated bringing them up to current fire standards where a Group 3 spread of flame is applicable. 

Ampelite’s products using SL resin system are also the only GRP fire rated products manufactured in New Zealand that are clear. This means they retain the same light transmission levels as its non-fire rated products unlike other similar products manufactured in New Zealand.

Note: In the short term, some non-fire rated material may still be available as we run down current stock levels. It should still to be noted on your order if there is a requirement fire rated product. If we have insufficient stock on hand of non-fire rated product and/or we need to produce new product for orders then it will be supplied SL fire rated. The product labelling will identify if it is SL fire rated or not.

  • Permaglas – Permaglas Std and Permaglas XL will now be supplied as Permaglas and will Ampelite’s only film coated product offering. The Permaglas warranty will cover Light transmission for a period of 20 years and water penetration for 10 years.
  • Product Range – Our standard GRP product range going forward will be:
    • Permaglas
    • Wonderclad GC
    • Wonderglas S-996
    • Webglas GC

As well as our specialist range of Cool-Lite IR and Dualroof product options.

  • No Price Change – With the change to the SL resin system, there will be no extra cost when compared to our standard products at present. This is mainly due to how we have been able to integrate the fire retardant into our manufacturing process making it a cost-effective and seamless operation.

For more information please contact Ampelite NZ Ltd phone 0800 267 354, or talk to your local Account Manager.