Bromine Free SL Group 3 Fire Retardant Sheeting

by Ampelite NZ



Ampelite are proud to announce that the next generation of SL Group 3 Fire Retardant sheeting with a ‘Bromine Free’ formulation is now available. 

To meet the Internal Surface Performance requirements of the New Zealand Building Code, Ampelite’s SL Fire Retardant sheeting was manufactured from a fire retardant resin that used a chemical called Bromine. Bromine is a very good fire retardant, however it can change colour when exposed to UV and heat. Although this discoloration may appear to be unsightly, there should be no detrimental effect on the long term durability and performance of the sheeting. As you are aware Ampelite fully warrant all of its products.

A substantial amount of Research and Development work has been undertaken in order to achieve a Group 3 rating without the use of ‘Bromine’. 

Ampelite’s new SL Group 3 Fire Retardant is ‘Bromine Free’, a Market first, and is warranted to maintain its long term light transmission properties. 

For specific BRANZ testing on our ‘Bromine Free’ product please click here.

Specification is as follows: Ampelite SL Group 3 Fire Retardant – ‘Bromine Free’ 

For more details on our SL Group 3 Fire Retardant ‘Bromine Free’ sheeting please click here.