Panorama PVC Soffit Linings


Panorama PVC Soffit Lining: a new release by Ampelite to the New Zealand market. Panorama is a BRANZ-appraised, tongue and groove-profiled Soffit Lining that can be used in a variety of applications. When fitted together, profiles resemble the finished look of traditional tongue and groove painted timber panelling – with all the benefits of PVC.

Some advantages of Panorama:

  • Can also be used for ceiling and interior linings
  • Needs no further finishing or painting
  • Is easy, economic, and fast to install, requiring only one person
  • Needs minimal maintenance – just occasional washing (or wiping for interior surfaces)
  • Is seismic-tolerant (lightweight, flexible, and will not crack)
  • Mould-resistant; damp-resistant 
  • Contributes to insulation of building
  • Resistant to insects, termites or pests
  • Has been tested in accordance with ISO5660 with a group number of 1
  • Is UV-protected and guaranteed (manufactured from premium quality u-PVC, which is formulated with enhanced UV-resistance and selected to meet Australian and New Zealand conditions)
  • 100% recyclable

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