PolyRib Multiwall Polycarbonate Standing-Seam


PolyRib multiwall polycarbonate standing-seam sheeting combines visual appearance, two-sided UV protection, high thermal performance and great spanning in a total cladding system. With remarkable versatility the Ampelite PolyRib standing-seam system can be used with the tray hook externally or internally to provide the aesthetic look being sough for the application. PolyRib’s design application include but are not limited to architectural roofing and glazing for covered walkways, canopy’s, pergolas, screening, partitioning, swimming pool enclosures, sun rooms, alfresco areas.

Ampelite PolyRib multiwall sheeting offers great design flexibility combining attractive visual appearance, impact resistance and high thermal qualities. The multi-cell construction traps air between the layers providing outstanding insulation properties. Enlightened prospects arise for architectural applications with the Ampelite PolyRib Polycarbonate Standing Seam System.

To ensure versatility, not only does Ampelite PolyRib provide a UV protective layer to both sides of the panel, it also is available in varying thicknesses and colours to create stunning solutions to any specific application.

Interior and exterior applications Architectural roofing and glazing, covered walkways, pergolas, shopping centres, sports complexes, swimming pool enclosures, retail, industrial glazing, greenhouses, screening and partitioning.

PolyRib has achieved an Internal Surface Finish Group number of 1-S according to performance determined under the conditions described in ISO 9705:1993 required by NZBC clause C3.4(A). Performance is achieved through MBIE Guidance on European Classification.

  • Simple and fast installation
  • High thermal insulation
  • UV protection to both sides
  • High impact resistance
  • Expansion and contraction allowances
  • Flexible design

        PolyRib Multiwall Polycarbonate Standing Seam Roofing


        Ampelite provides the full accessory complement including


        Multiwall Polycarbonate Standing Seam Roofing

        Correct Installation is Important

        Installation Hints

        Both sides of the sheet are UV protected and can therefore be installed with either side facing up. Please contact Ampelite for further details.

        Sheeting can be cut to length using a power saw fitted with a fine tooth blade of a type suitable for plastic. A sharp blade can be used for cutting to width.

        Do not use sealants that are not 100% chemically compatible with polycarbonate sheeting; suitable sealants are available from Ampelite.

        The use of incorrect sealants will void the warranty.

        For installation in curved applications, please contact Ampelite.

        Site safety

        In all applications, sheeting should not be used to support a person’s weight during installation or cleaning. A temporary wooden beam or other device, supported by roof members, should always be used.

        Cleaning of PolyRib sheeting

        Wash sheet with a solution of mild soap or household detergent and lukewarm water, using a soft cloth or sponge to loosen any dirt and grime.

        Rinse off with cold water and dry with soft cloth to avoid spotting.

        Note: Never use an abrasive or highly alkaline cleaner on sheet. If you are unsure as to what cleaning agents can be used, please contact Ampelite.

        PolyRib Multiwall Info (PDFs)