Panorama Soffit Lining - PVC Tongue & Groove Soffit System

Panorama Soffit Lining is a premium-quality PVC Tongue and Groove Profile Soffit System. When fitted together, it resembles the finished look of traditional tongue and groove painted timber panelling and can be used not only for Soffit lining but also for ceiling and interior linings. Panorama Soffit Lining is an excellent finish for construction and renovation.

Look at the Benefits
  • No further finishing or painting necessary
  • Easy, quick and economic to install (a ‘one-man’ job)
  • Very minimal maintenance needed: only requires periodic water washing or wiping with a damp cloth or sponge for interior applications
  • Seismic-tolerant: lightweight, flexible, does not crack
  • Mould-resistant; damp-resistant; does not rot
  • Contributes to insulation of building
  • Resistant to insects, termites and other pests
  • Fully compliant with NZBC (BRANZ Appraisal no 601 2014), including clauses B1 Structure, B2 Durability, E2 External Moisture and F2 Hazardous Building Materials.
  • Tested in accordance with ISO5660 with a group number of 1
  • UV-protected and guaranteed: manufactured from premium quality u-PVC, which is formulated with enhanced UV-resistance and selected to meet Australian and New Zealand conditions
  • 100% recyclable
  • Residential, commercial, industrial buildings
  • Soffit
  • Ceilings and interior linings
  • Horizontal, sloped or vertical
  • Interior and exterior applications

Panorama Soffit System

Panorama Soffit System

Installation Instructions

Storage: Store lying flat, lengthwise, wrapped in its original packaging, away from direct sunlight.
Cutting Tools: All panels and accessories can be cut using a circular saw (with a carbide blade),
                          a jigsaw, or a manual hacksaw.
Framing: Panels must be attached to timber or steel framing that complies with construction standards.

    Installation Steps:

    1. Attach the edge profile (13106) on the periphery of the surface to be covered (one screw every 20cm).
    2. Cut the panels (13101 or 13102) to suit distance between edges, leaving a small gap at the edge. This gap allows proper insertion of the panels between edges or joiners and also allows a slight expansion of the panels.
    3. Attach the panel on each support with a screw on the edge side.
    4. Use the finishing profiles (ref. 13103, 13104 and 13105) for corners and edges or where a joiner may be useful as a dismantling access point or as a ventilation point.
    Panorama Soffit System

    Fixing and Support Spacing Requirements

    Panel Fixings
    For Soffit Use (Exterior)

    32mm x 6g SS steel screws min head dia. 8.3mm

    20mm x 8g SS steel self tapping screws min head dia. 7.6mm

    For Interior Lining Use

    25mm x 6g drywall screws

    25mm x 6g self tapping drywall screws

    Frame support spacings: 
    (spacings meant to be between centres or axis of support)

    Ref 13101 (200mm panel)Ref 13102 (100mm panel)

    For Soffit Use (Exterior)

    Not recommended

    Up to high wind (NZS3604) max. 600mm
    Very high wind (NZS3604) max. 450mm

    For Interior Lining Use

    Max. 600mm

    10-year product warranty


    Panorama Soffit Profile

    Panorama Soffit Info (PDFs)