Making Fibre Glass Roofing

Fibreglass Sheet Product Flow

WonderGlas GC is Ampelite’s Premium Industrial Fibreglass sheeting. The 100 micron Gel coating withstands UV attack and weathering, prolongs light transmission, enhanced mechanical properties and is resistant to impact and thermal expansion. WonderGlas GC carries a 25 year warranty for water penetration and a 25 year warranty for light transmission.

Special Purpose materials such as Ampelite SR76 fire retardant sheet meeting AS1530.3, 1989 requirements available in the full range of profiles. Grey filled profiles sheets also manufactured for cooling tower louvers and cladding.

Webglas GC is proving its worth in buildings where steel and other roofing or wall cladding materials deteriorate or corrode at an unacceptable rate. The sheet is reinforced with a heavy gauge woven glass mat which provides continuous strength and protection in every direction. The overall strength is such the wire safety mesh is not required. This is a particularly important benefit in chemically aggressive and corrosive environments where safety mesh is eroded and traditional steel cladding quickly deteriorates.

In addition to roofing materials, Ampelite supply wind driven rotary ventilators ranging in size from 150mm to 600mm. These ventilators are made to high specifications for effective performances and long life.