Ampelite sheeting shall be installed in accordance with Ampelite fixing instructions and with AS/NZS 1562.3:1996, Design and installation of sheet roof and wall cladding, Part 3: Plastic. The requirements of the NZ building code and the NZ Metal Roofing Manufactures Association Code of Practice.

Please note these additional important requirements: Ampelite translucent sheeting matching positive fixed profiles shall be installed using the fastening length applicable to the main cladding, together with a 32 mm Weatherlok washer or metal profile washer and EDPM seal. This combination gives a secure and weather tight finish. The fixing screws should not be over tightened to an extent that the sheet buckles, allowing water penetration at the seal or sheet overlap.

Fixing should be made at every crest at both ends of the sheet, and every second crest at intermediate purlins.

Where Ampelite fibreglass sheeting is in CONTACT WITH SAFETY MESH a Protective Fibreglass Protective Strip should be installed over the safety mesh, to avoid fracturing of the underside of the sheet.

Where END LAPPING is required a minimum of 300 mm overlap is essential. On profiles such as corrugated, 5-rib or similar, we recommend the use of 25 mm Lap Seal Tape at the top and bottom edges of the purlin. This ensures the strips are concealed.

For Decking profiles, two continuous beads of a clear non-hardening sealer (i.e. silicone), must be applied across the full width of the decking within the overlap.

End lapping should only be applied to roofs with a minimum pitch of 5°.


Ampelite sheeting should be installed by pre-drilling oversize holes to allow for expansion and contraction.

The basic calculation is 0.75 mm per lin. /m, plus shank diameter of screw.
Do not over tighten screws.
EXAMPLE: 10 m sheet - 10 (m) x 0.75 (mm) + 4 mm (fastener) =11.5 mm pre-drilled hole.

Clip Fixed Decking

Ampelite sheeting matching clip-fixed deck profiles shall be installed in conjunction with the main cladding and should be side lapped with overlaps on both sides (Ampelite sheets have 2 female laps).

Fixing of sheets should be carried out in the same manner and practice as those stated for positive fixed profile roofing.

Wall Cladding

Pan fixing is required at each girt, and use of Ampelite grey dome 22 mm weather seals ensures a weather tight seal.
Over tightening or flattening the weather seal must be avoided.
Fixing shall occur in every pan at both ends of the sheeting, and every other pan at intermediate grits.

Cyclone Zone Installation

Installation in cyclone prone areas follows the recommendations and code for normal fixing, but further specific requirements must be met. Please contact your local Ampelite office for the latest information.

Design Considerations

When planning any building which intends to utilise natural lighting it is important that you follow specific design considerations.

Anti Noise Tape

End stops


Drill Hole Oversize

Stop End

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