Domestic and Lifestyle Products

Suncall Roofing by Ampelite - Makes Light Work

Suncall translucent corrugated sheeting is low cost and ideal for use around the home. Suncall corrugated sheets allow light to be gently and evenly diffused and reduce the glare from direct sunlight.

Sunclear Roofing by Ampelite - Makes Light Work

Sunclear corrugated PVC sheeting is a corrugated sheeting product which can be used for roofing, cladding, and skylighting, protecting your outdoor living areas from wind and rain so that they can be enjoyed all year round

Corri Glas Roofing by Ampelite - Makes Light Work

Corri-glas reinforced polyester sheeting is available in the three strong profiles - Corrugated, Rib and Greca. Colours available are clear, opal, grey, and green

Solasafe Polycarbonate Roofing by Ampelite - Makes Light Work

Solasafe polycarbonate sheeting provides 99.9% protection from harmful UV rays that cause sunburn and skin damage. Enjoy the freedom of outdoor living safe from UV danger by selecting the best roofing solution to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your investment.

Thermo Clear Polycarbonate Sheets by Ampelite - Makes Light Work Thermoclear Domestic multi-wall polycarbonate sheets are impact resistant, energy saving. This superb glazing material is ideal for pergolas, conservatories and greenhouses and numerous other residential applications. EasyClick PC Polycarbonate sheets Ampelite Making light work
EasyClick PC Polycarbonate sheets Ampelite Making light work
EasyClick PC Polycarbonate sheets are an ideal option for glazing and roofing in Patios, Greenhouses, Carports, Pool Enclosures, Office Partitions and more. EasyClick PC is the perfect product for DIY.
Roomlite Solar Lighting Tubes - Ampelite Makes Light Work Roomlite solar lighting tubes provide an effective, low cost solution to lighting up those small dark areas of your home, and making them more usable and friendly. Now you can have natural light just where you need it.
Panorama Soffit Syatems Panorama Soffit Lining is a premium-quality PVC Tongue and Groove Profile Soffit System. When fitted together, it resembles the finished look of traditional tongue and groove painted timber panelling
Ampelair Spins away Damp air
Ampelair Spins away hot air
The Ampelair ventilator system is effective all year-round, removing super hot or moisture laden air from roof cavities and replacing it with fresh outside air.