AMPELITE NEW ZEALAND- Leading the way in plastic roofing.

Ampelite is New Zealand's leading manufacturer and supplier of natural lighting building products.

The Ampelite product range is extensive, with products for small jobs around the home to large scale warehousing.
Alongside this Ampelite lead the way with innovative polycarbonate products and materials designed for unique environments such as corrosive situations.
Ampelite commenced operations in New Zealand in 1995 and moved into a custom built warehouse in 2000 to house Ampelite’s state of the art production plant. The very best raw materials and latest resin technology are used in the manufacturing of all Ampelite’s fiberglass sheeting. The automated processing is controlled to ensure that each phase of manufacturing is absolutely consistent from batch to batch. The curing ovens are approximately 40 meters in length and the sheet is immediately ready to be trimmed and cut to length. This plant can produce some 300,000 lineal meters each month.
Ampelite NZ is part of the global Ampelite group, started in 1969 which now has sites in Australia, China, Thailand and New Zealand. Because of this global partnership Ampelite are at the forefront of product research and development
The Ampelite New Zealand team is based in three sites across the country; Auckland, Palmerston North and Christchurch, this spread allows us to ensure that no matter where you are we can supply you with the best quality product with ease. Every current and almost all superseded roofing and cladding profiles can be supplied. Custom profiles are also made when commercially viable quantities are involved.

Suncall Roofing by Ampelite

Ampelite Quality Standards

Ampelite (NZ) Ltd have an ISO 9002 accredited Quality System in place that enables Ampelite to offer a consistently high level of service to you our customer from our factory and offices in Auckland. Ampelite manufacturing fibreglass sheeting, and distribute their range of plastic roofing that Ampelite purchase from several suppliers throughout the world. Ampelite also makes Amplelair roof ventilators and Roomlite solar lighting tubes.

Ampelite holds a Standard Licence for its range of industrial and premium industrial grade sheeting. All product is manufactured strictly in accordance with AS/NZS 4256 parts 1 & 3: 1994

Certified Product     ISO_Quality_Endorsed_Company

Trained Ampelite personnel use calibrated equipment to test each batch of sheeting in Ampelite’s in house temperature controlled Laboratory before it is delivered to the customer.

Each batch consists of either 1000 metres, or a change in profile, colour or thickness.

The Ampelite sheeting undergoes a full range of tests as per AS/NZS 4256 parts 1 & 3 which includes light transmission, tensile strength, impact strength, and Profile thickness and squareness.

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